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Children's Training Programs

Kids’ Classes

Karate is not just any activity or sport. Karate is a priceless experience that sets your child up for success in life! At Inner Strength Martial Arts, you will see in your child the positive benefits of self-discipline, increased focus, soaring confidence, increased strength and flexibility, and self-defense. As respect is an integral part of our curriculum, students develop the ability to follow directions, listen, learn, and succeed both in and out of the dojo! We are committed to developing black belts for life!

Black Belt Club (ages 6-11)
The Black Belt Club (BBC) is the next step up from the Little Dragons. In this class, students are committed to earning their junior black belt. Increasingly more challenging forms and self-defense techniques are taught. We also introduce sparring, a controlled training method for self-defense, in this class. We Split our Black Belt Club up into two separate classes, BBC Level 1 (ages 6-8) and BBC Level 2 (ages 8-11). This is done so that we can deliver age appropriate and more individualized training to each and every student. Our instructor team is top notch and willing to go the extra mile to ensure your child’s success.
Little Dragons (ages 4-6)
Our youngest students begin in the Little Dragons Program. This is a basic program that is great for the preschool and kindergarten ages. Basic martial arts skills such as stances, blocks, kicks, and punches are taught. This helps to improve their fine and gross motor skills, as well as balance, and strength. Respect is stressed at this level, along with focus, self-control, and good behavior both inside and outside the dojo. The Little Dragons proves to be an excellent way to set your child up for success in school!